Bye Bye Summer

It´s cold and nasty outside and really wet. It did hardly stop raining since two days and it feels like New Zealand winter is knocking on our door now. But I´ve been retouching summer pics today, which I took 3 months ago (I know I am a bit slow!). And with this I wanna say good bye to summer!

Island Dream

In April my journeys took me to the beautiful, layedback pacific island Samoa. We stayed at Litia Sini Beach Resort, which is on one of the beaches that was hit worst by the bad Tsunami in 2009. Litia and her family had to start from scratch, but with some help of a Kiwi family they managed to rebuild a beautiful place.

Here I am

Finally….!!! Here comes my blog! Now I can officially appoint myself as a “blogger”! But just to let you know upfront: I am not a scribbler! I don´t like writing at all! I like to take pictures. So this will be just another photography blog! Hm, which are the first pictures I am going to throw on my blog? As I am currently living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world - New Zealand - it seems obvious, that I show you some of the stunning landscapes. Here we go.